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I live life visually.
I am a… Model. Caffeine Addict. Adrenaline Junkie. Literacy Lover. Foodaholic. Lil Prankster.

I’m inspired by photography, music, conversations, food, shapes, spirituality, and the contradictions of humanity.

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My Mission

My mission is to create an inspiring visual for those who seek it through photography, literacy and food. If we continue to seek different forms of art, we’ll be more aware of our own state of happiness, selfand purpose. Living is to be inspired.

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The Ultimate Business for the Ultimate Entrepreneur.

Jayd is the face of our "The Ultimate Business for the Ultimate Entrepreneur" campaign. Jayd was chosen for her passion and desire to capture hearts around the world. Like Jayd, Cloud LGS looks to seize the hearts of other self-motivated super stars.

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